So it looks like we are moving in a new direction t our shop and we might be looking at getting rid of our beloved DeltaWasp 40/70. This is a phenomenal machine that is lights out and very consistent. Definitely my favorite machine in our shop! We just purchased their new spitfire extruder as well as an upgrade for the machine. This might be one of the only one of these actually in USA… This thing is a beast, prints 400mm x 700mm build size! Easy leveling and great performance, especially with their new extruder! Anyway, you can probably find all kinds of info online about this machine as well. Let me know if interested as this is not for the faint of heart. Not a desktop machine and not very cheap, but probably one of the most consistent large sized machines that is enclosed on the market in this price range.


Here is a pic of a huge castle printed at 200 microns on it!

Hello Aaron!
Marvellous castle, good printer! I have the 2040 one.
What is the price?
Thanks for information.

wow! I just bought a new 4070 and it arrives this friday. What a stunning print. Can’t wait to get started on mine. Good luck selling yours!

You are gonna love it. So reliable with outstanding quality!

Yes we also have some 20/40’s. They are just amazing printers. So reliable and the enclosure helps a ton with tough materials. We are asking $6500. Any interest?

The price is out of the range that I consider for a good investiment. Good luck EulerO

Why sell it if it’s an awesom machine?

Hey Barry, our business is moving much stronger into the retail area and we are a only going to be representing a couple printer brands as an official representative. So unfortunately, this printer as well as some others will be getting cut. But it is a phenomenal machine! Wish Wasp had more stuff together for retailers. ?