Hi everyone.
I need some help regarding the homing of a 3d delta printer, and it’s my first attempt to create a 3d printer by scrap.
My problem is regarding the homing, when I do the homing 2 out of 3 endstop work properly but 1(always one) doesn’t work properly(see video).
While the support is hitting the endstop, it moves a little back like the others, but then move up again and doesn’t stop 'til I do it manually.
there is someone that have some idea to solve the issue? Hope everything is clear enough, otherwise ask me :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance.

It sounds like the third endstop isn’t registering correctly, there may be a short, or loose connection.

Hi, thank you for the replay.
How can I check for your suggestion?
And u think it’s a problem regarding the hardware or software?

Here is the link to the video

It look like software problem. The idea is carriages move home quickly then move down to un-triggered the endstops then home at slower speed to eliminate sensor/line delay.
I look like that one did not move down enough. Try look into the firmware setup, homing section to increase it a bit more.

Ty for your answer, I will try as soon as possible :slight_smile: