Hello all. Brand new here to 3d printing and have some questions.

I currently use solidworks and sketchup pro for my modeling software.

I purchased a davinci jr 1.0 from a friend about 8 months ago and I have never used it because I didn’t know how and I didn’t know any modeling stuff at the time haha.

So here is my questions, I have no idea how old my printer is nor do I know what software it needs to take my solidworks or sketchup files and adjust them, rotate them, set quality and then print said part. Can I use ultimaker or slic3r with this printer? I have heard that the firmware is locked down to just use xyzware.

Today in class was my first time even looking at 3d printer print and I got a glimpse of the software it used. It was nice, it said how much it weighed, how long it would take to print on balanced, draft or normal modes, allowed rotating the part on the printer bed etc etc(makerbot)

I just want this to be close to wht I saw in class

I have posted this at xyzprinting support forum but I this k those forums are dead…