Yeah, so I’ve had my printer for almost a year now. Its a XYZ Davinci Jr 1.0, and has had an issue that makes it so it can not be used. I just unloaded a spool of filament, and loaded in a new one. This was about the 4th time within the last two days that I had changed spools, for different colors and whatnot. I loaded my orange filament so I could print something with it, and no filament came out of the extruder like it usually does upon loading, and attempting to unload it resulted in the filament not moving at all. I definitely hear the printer making some noises, trying to remove the filament, but it appears to be stuck and immobile. I tried pressing the release switch that you press when inserting filament and I pulled down at the same time, but it didn’t work. The filament is mounted outside the printer and is coming in through the external port/ tube, and is HatchBox filament. I used the filament for the first time yesterday, and need to print a few more things by the end of tomorrow. I would appreciate if you guys could help me get this thing fixed by then. Thanks!

It sounds like the hotend isn’t heating up high enough - is there an LCD where you can read the temperature?