I’ve been prinitng with my CTC printer for about 250 hours now, at first with right and then later on more with left extruder.

Recently I broke thermocouple wire on the left extruder ( heating failure #4) so I switched to right extruder. Now the problem is that temparature on the right extruder is constantly rising. Even if I turn printer on and don’t do anything, it goes up, past 280 degrees and then it shows “Extruder failure! Temp limit reached. Shutdown or restart.” error.

Now every now and so the thermocouple on the left starts working and then the temparature on the right extruder is normal (stable).

Can somebody help me, I would greatly appreciate it.


Sounds like the thermocouple should be replaced.

It does yes, but right now I’m unable to. Is there any other way around it. I mean, I don’t print with the left extruder so I don’t know why it’s affecting the right one.

You have a short in your thermocouple or extruder heater.

Here is the issue. If you continue to power on your printer, it is very likely you will run that short down to your motherboard, and it will fry at the minimum the FET, but probably the board, a very expensive repair.

SO it is very risky to even turn your printer on.



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Thank you. That’s exactly what’s happening. I found out it was short-curcuiting somewhere on the left thermocouple wire above the extruder motors and that if I moved it away from other cables, everything works fine. So now I re-routed it on the outside, around the extruder carriage and no problems at all. Do you think that it can still short-curcuit now that it’s away? Sorry, I’m not so familiar with electricity.

this is what you need

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Actually I found out it was the wear in the heater cables, just under the extruder motors so I sealed both with insulation tape and it now works fine. I will however get these new ones anyway in case I need them, so thanks for the link.

your lucky mate i blow the temperature sensor IC on my pinter i am lucky i can solder you have to be careful with these printers becouse there is no import protection and 24v is bad for 5v IC

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