Hey, I bought my cr-10 recently, so i am a beguinner in 3d printing… I’ve printed some files from thingiverse using Cura as the slicer software, them when I modeled a part in fusion 360 and created the G code in Cura I uploaded it to the cr-10 via an sd card but when I select the file nothing hapens, just goes back to info screen, NO heating, NO movment, NO signs that i have ask it to print… that only hapens with this especifc file, and i am realy freaking out with it, can some one help me?

Here are the .stl file and the .gcode file produced by cura
peca_carvalho.gcode (2.61 MB)
peca.stl (111 KB)

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I don’t know if it is the same issue, but I had a file named Ø49 and the printer didn’t work, but just deleting the Ø and it printed the file as always did.
So try to delete the “_” in the name. Hope this helps.

There’s probably some fault in the 3D printer settings and due to this, your 3D printer is not moving too well. Get help from your user manual and you can even contact the customer support team of the 3D printer store you bought your 3D printer from.