I’m a huge Star Wars fan, I freaking love Star Wars and in that amazing Universe, Star Wars Clone Wars the series has a special place in my heart; the style is amazing, the characters are awesome, the stories are just brilliant.

I was finally able to find the time to 3d sculpt Count Dooku into ZBrush and try to match everything that Darren E.Marshall did to see if I can replicate his amazing work.

Make sure to check out the full article here :smiley: and say hello if you enjoyed it!





Impressive work @pixelophy, thanks for sharing!

Not sure whether you’re aware of our Star Wars design contest that could win you an Ultimaker printer! Feel free to submit your designs here: https://www.3dhubs.com/talk/thread/star-wars-3d-design-and-print-competition. Bafta :wink:

Ha! I totally forgot about that :smiley: Multumesc!

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Cu placere!

Very cool sculpt and an excellent print! Definitely send this one in for the Star Wars competition!

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Thank you mate! I did that yesterday thanks to @gabriela3d for reminding me!

Upvoted! :wink:

Multumesc :smiley:

Really nice design! I prefer this design over the realitic ones, it combines perfectly with 3D printing!

Thank you so much! Yeah I love the stylized look of the Clone wars and the Rebels series, and don’t get me started on the Disney infinty series which looks absolutely stunning! The lines and shapes on those are superb!