I’m looking for someone that may be interested in designing a printing about 26 Star Wars Ships for a board game reskin I am working on. the ships need to be in the 1-1/2 - 2" long range. I have the rules for my game up on a website called boardgamegeek and have over 100 downloads so there may be interest in selling to other people as well.

Hi @Chadmis are you looking for these models to be 3D printed for delivery to customers, or are you looking for printed parts to use as prototypes for a different manufacturing process (e.g. injection moulding)? I ask because at the 2" size level, FDM printing may not be able to reproduce fine detail on the ships - it really depends upon their design, for example, will they have flat bases? If FDM isn’t suitable, then you may need to look at printing using SLA technology, which is going to be quite expensive, so would be more appropriate for prototyping rather than production (because the cost of the ships to customers would be excessive).

Hi Chadmis,

I was going to say the same as cobnut here. 2" is probably going to be too small to capture the detail you probably imagine on an FDM machine. You’d want to go SLA like my hub provides. If you’re serious about these being a prototype then having some high quality pieces would be well worth the money, and I don’t think it would break the bank though if your intention is to go commercial. That said, I definitely would not recommend printing your entire stock, I’d go with the standard manufacture and print (I’m happy to help in the process obviously) and mold and cast copy. That way you could really play with the final designs colour, and material. You could cold cast metallic pieces for example which would be amazing. Any way just some thoughts.

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Honestly I’m just looking for one set of miniatures for my own personal use. Obviously I dont have the license to sell a Star Wars themed board game, and I also don’t own the rights to the ruleset I’m using. I’m just taking a preexisting game and putting a Star Wars skin on it. I also figured who ever did this would own the designs of the ships making it difficult for me to sell anyway. I’m looking to get the ships for my own personal use as cheaply as possible. The reason I mentioned the interest on boardgamegeek is that I thought the designer may want to offer the ships for sale through that website hopefully the interest might increase the chance of someone picking this project up. The size I realize is a problem, the only reason I suggested it is that the company (Far Off Games) sells replacement ships on shapeways. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/faroffgames?li=pb. This would be the scale that I’m looking for the Star Wars ships to be.

@Chadmis if you’re looking for your own use then you’ll definitely want to use FDM as producing 26 models is going to put quite a hole in your pocket via SLA. FDM can produce good detail, but the best results come from models that are designed with FDM in mind. By the look of them, those models in the images on Shapeways are either SLA or PJ (Photopolymer Jetting) produced, not FDM.