Just got the stock buildtak sheet out of my creator pro. it was very difficult to pull out.

Does anybody knows whether i should clean the plate or just stick the new one on top of it? And if needs cleaning, what cleaning solution could i use.

I tried it with alcohol but seems like it’s gonna take the whole day.

Hi @Rahull_Gagneja did you heat the bed? Getting the sheet off is a whole lot easier if the bed is heated to around 70C (but mind your fingers) and a lot easier to clean if heated to about 30 or 40C.

I used a single edge razor blade/scraper to get most off then I carefully used paint thinner (it’s what I had) to loosen the glue and kept slowly scraping it off. I might recommend removing the heater plate so not to damage it. You might also try goo gone or google a method of removing the glue.

Definitely clean it up after removing it. If you don’t parts where the glue has balled up will be uneven and give you trouble with future prints. I used orange goo remover and warmed up the plate a little.

Acetone works for me. They are raded for 100 hours of printing. Also undo the 3 wing nuts and take bed out. Its much easier to clean.

Pulled off being warm. I used acetone for post cleaning. It went pretty well, but I have never used the blue buildtak after. I use a piece of 3mm high temp glass over the plate. Far more convenient, you can take it off, you can wash it without the buildtak mess

Heat the bed, use the old sticker to lift the stuck glue bits off. Dab repeatedly with the old sticker. Swapping while the bed is hot make it much cleaner.

if you have to resort to a removal, use “goof off” works wonders!

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Totally agree myself. This situation looks like it will need a razor blade treatment as well though.

D-limonene, the same stuff used for dissolving HIPS supports, is what is found in many of those orange cleaners. Should make removing the extra glue simple and many of us have some sitting around already.

Break cleaner spray :smiley:

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i used petrol and heated bed at 70. took around an hour to clean up