Is anyone using a cetus 3d with simplify 3d and experiencing under extrusion?

My top layers always seem to have gaps and I’m not sure why, even when increasing the extrusion multiplier it doesnt seem to help much, increasing too much results in the top layers being ok but then other defects show up.

I posted here but nothing in the way of a reply yet.



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Hi there,

I have the Cetus Extended and have been using S3D with it exclusively. I would recommend using this guide: https://www.3dhubs.com/talk/thread/howto-calibrate-tune-and-fine-tune-your-printer-and-filament

Specifically, step 2 and 4 are going to be the most relevant here.

What speed are you running at? I know the profile that Cetus provides has 120mm/sec, but I wouldn’t go higher than 60 personally.

My current settings for the .4 nozzle are:
nozzle diameter .4mm
extrusion width, manual .4mm
extrusion multiplier: 22.75

temp: 200c

speed: 60mm/sec

I hope this helps!


Maddie - 3D Hubs

Thanks Maddie, ill give your config a try and see how i get on.

Great! let me know how it goes.

ok so instantly setting the extrusion width to 0.4 and it was much better. Ive dialled down the extrusion multiplier to a level that looks right.

Seems setting a manual above the nozzle width or auto doesnt work right for me.

Prints are much better now, however alot of stringing which ill need to look into (dont think its temp related so its either still extruding too much or i need to look at retraction settings.)