How do I center the print on the heat bed? The prints are coming out nice, the prints on the card that came with it were centered, but the prints I’m running favor the near left corner. I’m using Cura for the software. Some suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

Make sure you have the dimensions of your print volume defined correctly in the slicer settings. Also, make sure you right click on the model in cura and make it center on the software before you start printing.

Right click on the object select center on the platform.

Anyway I will recommend you to read the manual

If it looks centered in the slicer, then your print bed size is not defined correctly - it is set too small.

Thank you all for your responses! What I did wrong was set it up as a custom printer instead of the Mendel/Prusa i3 in Cura set up. Now it’s printing in the center of the heat bed. surprisingly it printed well in the corner. Again, thanks for all the help and responses.