Hello, I´m new in this site. I´m looking to make a UV curable castable resin, so far I have made my own resins using PEGDA but I´m looking to make something that burns clean, I´m just trying to make my jewerly as hobby.

Any ideas of what kind of monomers to use?

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I am a jeweler as well. I tend to ise a silicone rubber called Mold star brand name Smooth. Really works well to make a mold of a ring. You can get it in various strengths from rigid to rubbery. Since using a 3D printer cuts that out i use wax filament to print the ring and bypass this stage so i can go right to the investment cast. Much faster using the wax filament on the printer. Takes a bit of adjustmemt but works fabulously once all is setup. Give me a yell if you want mote info on setup procedures to


I recommend Castable resin Formlabs: please follow this link: https://formlabs.com/fr/materiels/calcinable/




Any methacrylate or acrylate monomer will burn cleanly you should choose an option that doesn’t have a too high shrinkage %

The thing that doesn’t burn cleanly in most resin is the pigments, stabilizers and photoinitiators. If you are using vacuuming equipment to clean out the cast afterwards you could get away with have the little residue left from these agents.