Hi all,

I am searching someone in Germany or France who can print in castable wax. Does anyone have recommendation?

What is the outter size of your part?

660x80x70. Can eventually split. Looking to cast in C91300 Bronze…

OK. First “C91300 Bronze”, is it a bell?
Sometime when using DLP printer -depending of the part design- we need to rotate part of about 45°, so you will need a very big printer. But if we can print it straight, I mean 70x80mm footprint, I can be your guy.

Maybe it’s possible, I did contact you…

Try shapeways for getting the answer.

they stopped castable resin since few years now. Materialise has some solution for castable resin (TuskCX2700T). Another option would be to print a silicon negative shape (or a mix Silicon/Resin) and build wax model from it. I am looking all different options at the moment, thanks!