I am new to 3D printing and I have only had my CR-10S for a few weeks. I have printed a few of my own components in PLA with no problem, but when I attempt to print the same components in carbon fiber, I am having problems. It will print about 35 to 40 layers beautifully, but then it will print nothing but cotton candy from there on out.

I have swapped out the original hotend for the Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend, specifically because I have a need to print carbon fiber.

I am printing with a nozzle temp of 210° C and a bed temp of 60° C.

I have no problem putting down a very nice looking first layer and, as I stated, about 40 layers after that, but then everything goes to hell.

Since I am not able to babysit the printer all the time, on the two occasions that this has happened I have not seen what happened immediately before the change in operation.

The first attached photo shows three sections. The bottom one is the first 35 to 40 layers and the other two are sections that were on top of the base layer but peeled of fairly easily.

The second photo shows part of the results of leaving it to its own devices for a few hours.

If anyone can give me a clue as to what is going on, I would be very grateful.


Hi. Just saw your post but see it’s from 2018.

You didn’t say what brand your using but the first thing to check is hit end temperature. We’ve run about 10kilos of carbonX PETG with the following setup.

Bed temp - 80
Hot end - 240 to 245

We run our extrude speeds at 55-60

Hope this helps.