I just finished the verification print of marvin, but the print isn’t the best. As seen in the attachment, overhangs seem to be an issue.

I used 30mm/s speed with 220.C on the hotend, using an E3D V6 with ABS. I have a bowden, with the retration set to 4.8mm (As the bowden tube is over 600mm long).

I use the repetier host and firmware on the 3D printer, and use Cura to slice.

Any ideas?

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Try lowering temperature a bit, and print two marvins at the time to give print a time to cooldown…

Agree on printing multiple Marvin’s but you are already a bit low for ABS at 220.

I don’t use a Bowden so I’m no help there!

I printed him at about 1000mm/Min I think and did ok.

Looks like you are close, overall he is not so bad!!

Check your extrusion rate, maybe a little high?

What layer thickness are you using?

I would make small changes one at a time and watch the results. Your almost there!!

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Review wouldv’e failed. my 3D printer needs quite a bit of tweeking, so I’l describe my machine,

3d printed ultimaker gantry

3D printed E3D V6 mount

Was a CTC Replicator duel.

screenshot_87.png screenshot_88.png

You need to up the fan speed.