Hello everyone!

As stated in the topic I’m quite in doubt witch choosing my main modeling software.

I’ve used Max for 2 years at work, I’m confident with it’s workflow and interface, I also succeed with modeling for 3D printing even with “dark side” very complex models.

On the other hand there is Blender which I have one day experience with. Now I’m going to start my own business and Blender has one vivid advantage - it’s free.

Basically the question is to spend 6k on Max licence or three times less on Blender course + buy scanner for the rest. Are they comparable at all? Is possible to model complex lattice-like or voronoi models in Blender? Has anyone use it for 3D print modeling? Does anyone use both and can compare?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Hey @bartv can you help point out some of the benefits of Blender, besides that one vivid advantage :slight_smile: and are you guys having any Blender meetups in Krakow any time soon? Cheers

There’s a free trial of 3Ds Max. Have you tried it out?
These software really often come down to a very personal taste. I am not sure about the benefits of either of them, but unless 3Ds Max has some irreplaceable features it seems like Blender would save you a lot of money ,

Also, Fusion 360 is a new modeling tool of Autodesk. You could give that one a try as well. I don’t know if it satisfy your needs though.

I tried full 2015 version at work and I’m familiar with it. The point is I don’t really know if Max has any irreplaceable futures. Does it? Thank you for mentioning Fusion 360, it looks interesting and has 1-year free startup licence option. I’ve just got the trial and will see.

Hmm, no I’d rather not get caught in that debate :wink: I checked but there are no upcoming events there…