I guess this has been up more than once

When i look at how hubs are sorted i see hubs that take more than 3 hours in car to get to

I assume this is because it list them in bird route… ie a straight line and not the road distance

when will this be fixed?

also i see hubs that have picked the wrong community… some i contacted and they said that it was so they got more orders…

why not just pick the hubs city name as community and not a fixed list of names?

The Hubs are not sorted based on distance usually but on the “best match”. If you want to see the hubs sorted according to the distance from your position, you can do it applying a filter. See the picture for more information.

Federico - 3D Hubs

is the distance a straight line from my location to the hub?


that is the bad thing

hub located very far away suddenly looks close

bicycles dont fly :smiley:

nor cars for that matter

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I’ll forward your feedback to our developers, even if I don’t think that they will consider it a priority for our website since it requires a huge amount of work for a change that isn’t so relevant.

In any case, I was pretty sure that bikes can fly! You should check the picture attached

i would consider it a bit relavant as the sorter goes by distance as most humans travel by routes

is it not in the spirit of 3dhubs that the customer can go and pickup by bike or have it shipped?

and for most “normal” bikes that means travel by bike lanes on the street :stuck_out_tongue:

of course it might not be on top of their list :smiley:

“best match” Jeez, I hate that.

best matches PLEASE!!!

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Fair enough! I’ve flagged the mistake and, actually, our developers are discussing to find out the best alternative. “Relevance” is winning, I’ll keep you update @Perry_1

Ive noticed after they started showing the shipping cost they changed the sort algorithm somehow. I was going down daily and at 8.9ish and now I am going up daily and at around 9.25 currently for avg position. But I also have the disadvantage of not being in a big city, im about 60miles away.

Id like to see a slow roll out to all current hubs needing to be address verified to make sure they are in the correct community.


I really like “Best Matches” as it says that more than one hub is a possible match, which is usually true. The objective is to hit terminology that does not say that the 1rst person who comes up in the sort is the best, which is usually not true.

Relevance applies the person at the top of the list is more relevant to the search, which is often untrue.

Relevant Matches, which is plural, serves the same purpose, but again, would imply that there is more than one relevant match, which is likely true.

Just my 2 cents. Having been both in first place, and second place, in my area, I have benefited from “best match”, but still do not like it, even when it is true. Plurality works best in graphics design and user messaging. That is why google, amazon, ebay, etc return more than one scenario.