Hi just got this printer and did the auto levelling and set a print off, worked great.

Now it just won’t level properly. When I go to level I hear the beep, it goes to check and then says the gap is too big, I tighten again and after the beep it checks then says the gap is still too big even with the beep. I do this a few times until it finally says levelled.

But then it’s too close to the bed and prints mess up, any ideas?

I tried extruder calibration but not sure how this works or what it does since it’s only at one point of the bed.

The level sensor doesn’t look perfectly straight when it comes down, not sure if that effects it.

Sorry, should of said loosened above.

I had this problem, tried support and they just kept saying to increase the difference between the the nozzle and build plate. But then I just got warping. In the end I’ve ended up just sending it back to Amazon and will try a replacement