We’re just a few weeks away from the new The Force Awakens movie and you can almost feel the Star Wars madness taking over!

Daredevil @victorp is already shimmying his way in the Printlab for some Star Wars 3D printed goodness.

Remember the two legendary lightsabers made by @k5o52 (1st below) and @zippi’s airbrushed counterpart (2nd below)? These 2 sit in a league of their own, which is why they’ll always be a massive source of inspiration!

Light Saber.jpg


Also be sure to keep an eye out for @flowalistik’s beautifully twisted low-poly versions in the upcoming weeks.

Now how about you, how are you getting your 3D printing fix before ‘The Force Awakens’?


@Left do you have a shortlist for Star Wars too? :slight_smile:

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There are so many!

Its like every 3d printer enthousiast is a Star Wars fan.

This one is an easy model that is worth printing :slight_smile:

Darth Vader by Ulf


Nice choice @gabriela3d, I’m really fond of Ken’s Lightsaber !

Currently I’m printing a fullscale StormTrooper Helmet from Thingiverse :wink:

Will probably print a Lightsaber with the new printer coming to the office tomorrow ! :wink:

#Teaser #StayTuned #HoldYaBreath

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I like the sound of that! :wink:

Well, better to find these things out on Talk then not at all :slight_smile: Thanks, Victor, looking forward to tomorrow! I guess :slight_smile:

I used Solid Works to create this custom lightsaber. Maybe next time I should sand it a bit before painting it.

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We printed this design from thingiverse. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:42811

So many parts but great design.

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We wanted to print the iconic Obi Wan lightsaber and we took it one step further and painted it! We also made a stainless steel composite Kylo Ren lightsaber :slight_smile:


Looks good, thanks for sharing :wink:

Nice, you really had a go at it - what did you want to change about it? Anyway, it really looks awesome :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing it with us!

Such beauties, really nice job, glad you shared it here!

I’m happy to see you took a shot at the Kylo Ren lightsaber, probably the biggest meme generator from the new movie so far. My favorite’s gotta be the sith army knife one :slight_smile:

Thank you Gabriela3d. I guess perhaps I’d make one that can be assembled and taken apart into sub parts for the Jedi enthusiasts lol.

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That will surely work btw! :slight_smile: