I’d like this logo, in 3d, on five faces of a cube, so it can be placed on a table near our company’s reception.

I don’t have the software to draw this and convert it into an STL file, but can supply illustrator files for the logo.

It’d be printed reasonably big, the cube has to be hollow. I can draw and scan in what I ideally would like if that helps?

If theres something else nifty in 3d you feel you can do with it id love to see.

Are you looking for it to be printed in colour? What size do you consider “reasonably big”.

Colour or just white/black/solid colour, I’m not overly fussy it depends on the price really. Ideal world we’d like one that is around 10" square?


Ten inches square is bigger than most (not all) consumer printers can handle, but eight inches would be doable by most. The design itself is pretty simple from a 3D point of view, I’d probably recommend printing as separate sides, then fixing them together to form a cube as this’ll give you the best finish on the lettering.


have you found someone yet, who will design it in 3D and print ?

I’m looking forward to your reply
Thank you

Best regards

Hello, looks like stil no one offered you his service. I could try to do it for you, about 15 cm would be the maximum, but smaller = easier). I think I would ba able to design and print it next week, I could do each face separately, in different colours (yellow, black, phosphorescent green and phosphorescent blue).
You can contact me here if you are interested : dilwynlalaouna@orange.fr