I bought a roll of kapton that prints stick to very well. The problem is, the adhesive used on the film itself doesn’t hold up to the heat.

Within minutes the edges start to peel up. Once this occurs, it is almost impossible to keep the film stuck to my bed.

Since ABS print stick so nicely to the film, I don’t want to throw it out.

Any ideas on what I could use as an adhesive?

Have you tried binder clips to hold the edges down?
I wouldn’t use adhesives, as it could make it permanent!

Another good (yet cheap) bed material for ABS is PVA Elmer’s glue with 30% water mixed in. Just spread it layer by layer like a zamboni with a piece of paper. That’s what I am using for both ABS and PLA right now. One application of PLA has lasted over a month so far, and has had maybe 40 or so big prints through it. I add a little here and there on top, since the rafting may take a thin layer off after a while.

Another VERY promising alternative is this new bed surface:


I just pledged for two & the quick-changer. Seems worth the investment.