I would like to give my customer further options when they place their orders. Basically what I’m thinking of is if there was a way to for each hub to specify extra services that the customers can see when they place their order. This would make checkout faster and let us sell more stuff.


Support Material Removal Yes/No (Adds $.05/cm to the price)

Use any available color of filament Yes/No (Subtract $0.02/cm from price)

Print with 50% infill Yes/No (Adds $0.04/cm to the price)

Apply ABS Acetone Smoothing Treatment … so on and on…

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Hi There,

So I think the way 3D Hubs recommends we deal with situations like these (and someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) is to add these on to the order after the customer has placed it. Since 3D Hubs is meant to be very simple to use and appeal to the very beginner, they try to make placing an order as simple as possible. The more advanced users will know that add-ons like this will come after they place an order and I think it is up to us to explain in the order comments why we might be placing additional charges for things like support removal to the customer.

As far as the any color choice; I have seen some hubs list a separate color as “any available” with a lower price.

Good suggestion though, I’m sure there are a lot of users who might find this very helpful to have the option to choose, maybe an “advanced options” section during the order placing process?

I can see the need for simplicity but I feel like if I was a customer and new to 3d printing, I would upload my stl file and thats what I would expect to show up a few days later. Like if a hub comes back and charges more for support removal it comes back as being a bit bait and switch to me.

I also think with all the debate on prices this could help hubs better compete. The gucci hubs can make any extra services they provide optional rather than try to include it in the base price, so they will be more price competitive with the little guys, and customers who are willing to pay for the nice add ons can select it at their checkout.

I would love to see the ability to charge different prices for the same material, but different colors.

I have two printers, so I want to charge 1 price for black and white. and another price for different colors.