Hello everybody,

I need help about a particular request : My nephew was born without finger on his left hand.

I’ve seen a TV dicument talking aout the 3D printer making it possible to build an artificial hand.

Are those projects handled by someone of you please? If so, what do you need to start the project and how it costs approximatively?

Thank you



Contact this organization.

They will put you in contact with a maker that can produce what you need.

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Thank you for your reply. I’ve already been in contact with them, with the french branche. But, there is an important queue of people waiting. So, am looking for another way to make it. Maybe a direct way with someone owning the 3D printer, who could receive my request specification.



I just printed one last week.

You can put in an order with any local hub. Just ensure they can view the readme file which comes with the zip package from enable. There are specific printer and material settings listed in there.

Maybe try reaching out to a local engineering or biomedical university? Open-source prosthetic designs are really not hard to come by (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1340624, http://enablingthefuture.org/upper-limb-prosthetics/the-owen-replacement-finger/), but it will be a little difficult to remotely fit and test it out. If you can find a local university that’s willing to help (or even a secondary school) that might work out better.


Thank you for your reply.

I will try to digg on that track.




Thanks a lot for your help.

I will try to get the package from enable. Not sure they give it, but i’ll try.

Thanks again


Dear Zoubir, we have printed hands. We will get in touch with you tomorrow. Best regards!

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Hi, Thank you!! Am looking forward to your return tomorrow. Again thanks a lot. Best regards, Zoubir

Any hub can print it, but there is so much more to it.

The hand must be modified for the type of disability, and then modeled in the right size for the recipient.

There are also a lot of parts that need added that are not 3d printed, such as the elastic that holds it together, and the straps, etc.

A local source is definitely needed.

Hi Perry,

Thank you for your answer.

A just get a feedback from another guy saying that the model Raptor is not adapted for my nephew because of the nature of his hand.

But the model Phoenix is more adapted. So, I need someone having already handled those kind of model. It seems to be hard to find it in France/Paris where am living.



Look specifically for universities that offer biomedical engineering as a masters degree. These will have professors involved in research with prosthetics, or at least research that has a medical basis. They tend to be a tight knit group, so if one can’t help you, they may know someone else who can.

I do not have an exhaustive list of French universities that offer this, but I do know of a few. I’d say start with École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Étienne, École Centrale de Lille, and ParisTech at Paris Institute of Technology. I would very strongly put emphasis on finding someone local, and someone who knows what they’re doing. Anyone can print a model, that’s the easy part. Designing the model to accommodate your nephew’s needs, and then fitting it to him are not easily done.

Hi Enza,

Thank you so much.

I will digg on that univerties solution.

Best regards,


No problem, and best of luck!

Best of luck with your goal and sorry I can’t help.

It’s a beautiful thing you’re doing!

I don’t know if anyone has mentioned the e-Nable project yet, but that’s where I’d go for designs, should be several makers in the area on their list who can replicate one for you.

Ah that actually is enablingthefuture! Need a chapter down here in Plymouth, lots of servicemen and women who’ve lost limbs. Anyone keen to form a chapter?

Hi, Thank you for answering. I have aleady asked them and sent them the pictures and built the form. Am waiting, there is too many people in the queue… Regards, Zoubir

So what’s the ‘form’ then, an insert inside the prosthetic? Was it ‘Team Unlimbited’ you contacted, because it might be that they just need someone to sort out the CAD design side of things, I’d be happy to facilitate.


As I did not get any news from you, am wondering whether you forgot me :slight_smile: