Hi, I have printed a lot marvins today. This is my best one. Everything looks good except the ring on his head… Will i pass the review with this one? I used cura slicer. I have a geeetech i3 pro b acrylic. 60 for speed 195 c extruder temp 60 c bed temp 200 microns PLA 1.75 mm

I would say no, that marvin looks terrible. How would you feel if you paid for an order and the print looked like that.


Should reduce the heat, the filament is not cooling enough between each layer. Try turning off the bed heater, PLA does not need a heated bed. Make sure the filament fan is running at 100% after the first layer.

Speed is way to fast. Try around 1200mm/min. Extruder temp isn’t to bad but could be lowered a little if the filament will extrude ok.

Bed could go lower to 55.

Make sure the part cooling fan is on full after the first layer.

Try printing 4 at a time to see if it improves things at all.

Hi everyone, I printed two parts of marvin and they look a lot better now.


Heck yea!

Much better, should be good to go. What print settings did you go with

I’d suggest dropping the speed down to 20mm / second.

Very nice!

Hi, I used same settings. The only difference is that i dropped the speed on the top to 25 and that i printed 2 of them.