I’ve been printing a lot with third party resins on a form 2 in open mode as the resin is much cheaper.

Some time ago I experimented with printing in closed mode using an empty cartridge and printing quality turned out to be much better. However, after a while, these cartridges get locked out and I can’t use them anymore.

I’ve stumbled upon a device which claims to be a resettable cartridge. Has anyone over here have any experience with it?

Gonna save me a lot of trouble if it works…


I went ahead and bought one. It’s working flawlessly.

The printer just recognises it as a standard cartridge and I can choose whatever formlabs resin profile I want to use. Printing quality seems to be much better than in open mode.

I’m happy :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the update!!

any connection issues? Like the cartridge missing/replaces error, it it suddenly saying there is no cartridge at all?

and how is the material? Do you think all of the material will slide down?

sorry last question! The bite valve, does it look sturdy? I know that was the potential failure of the non reusable cartridges.

No issues. You can install the module in an original empty cartridge or buy one already modified. Think it’s about 10 minutes to modify it and then you can program it to any resin type.

Bite valve is still a risk as you use the same bite valve that has seen 1 liter already. You can choose to keep the cartridge empty and just fill the tray when the machine asks for it or let the machine discover that the tank is empty and let it skip resin checks. This way it just continues printing.

For new bite valves you could use these:

They measure exactly the same dimension as formlabs’s. Got them from aliexpress for cheap. Still have to test them.

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Which 3rd party resins are you guys using successfully with these?

AppylabWorks, Photocentric 3D, Molecule… Basically any 3rd party resin works.

Looks like a USB cable, and the listing does not mention any software for reflashing, is there any associated with this?

The usb cable is for programming and powering the module. There is windows software supplied with the module where you select the resin type/profile you want to use.

I’m looking for international shops for distribution/reselling of the universal cartridge modules and/or ready-to-run package. Especially for the United States.

Please send me an email when interested: info@protoart.net

There is a new revision module available right now which adds compatibility with the latest firmware release.

New resins added as well like Castable V1, Flexible, Durable, Dental Model V2 and others!

Can be ordered here:
Universal Cartridge V2.6