Hi guys,

I often obtain pieces with two side with different color. For example if I print a statuette of a person, one side of the face is purple, the other one is yellow. I contacted the reseller but he told me that it is impossibile to get rid of this annoying problem due to the 3d printer mechanism. He only suggest to brush a lot the piece… Doing this operation, the color improves a little bit but it is never completely solved (and in some case it really difficult, almost impossibile to brush)

I’m asking you that are using this 3d printer from more time than me, is it really impossibile to avoid this problem? I tried to rotate the same piece to understand if is a problem of orientation but I can’t understand for now.

Thanks a lot!


We have the same problem here

Have you run the color alignment procedure?

If not, do so.

If you have, see if you can manually adjust the yellow just slightly out of alignment - force it a little more to the “purple” side

I don’t think there is a proper term for it, but I call it head drift. It’s a left to right side (of the printer problem). It likely has something to do with heat and humidity as it’s always more prevalent in the summer months. To remove it it must be mechanically removed prior to hardening or it will be there forever.

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i’m sorry can’t help you. It’s a problem i’d never met.


I would suggest you print your model with a witness part.

3DPrint™ User Manual

Witness Part In situations where the color and surface quality must be the best possible, 3DPrint gives you the ability to generate a “witness part”. A witness part is an additional thin shell of grey material that is created with a small offset from the actual part. It is situated along the surfaces of the part that the printhead first approaches as it is printing. Printing the witness part causes the printheads to fire just before they have to begin printing the part. This “primes” them so the colors on the part are crisp and true.

I hope this helps

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I’d agree with what the guys here have said. The first thing to try is to reduce align the print heads. If the magenta is printing slightly to the left and the yellow to the right that’s a problem we’ve seen that’s easily fixed with an alignment. After you’ve run it, look at the before and after circles and see if there better centered. Witnesses will help but I think if the results are as noticeable as you describe the alignment is the first step. We do run a dehumidifier here constantly too when the weather warms up

The problem is caused by improper usage of the 3d printer. This problem can be solved in an hour.

Hi Mat!

I’m really sorry but i never had this kind of problem. Anyway, i suggest you to clean everything, align printheads and clean window sensor (also from the inside)

Hope you can solve all this.


hello, the problem is solved by cleaning up all the apparatus around the head with it

Alignment will solve this…but then again, that (alignment) happens automatically every time you change a printhead, right?


As some others have said here, first try to clean up the printheads and align them. I would strongly recommend you clean up pogos and sensor with IPA, as well as the cavity for cartridges. Carefully clean up also the connections to the pogos in the cartridges. Then, launch the autoalignment again…See if this solves the problem.

If not, try changing the cartridges for new ones.

If not, you might need a new pogo board… If your machine is under warranty, there is no costs for you. Contact your 3DS reseller and ask them for a replacement of the pogo board…

Also, if you are under warranty, remember that once per year you need to have a maintenance visit from your reseller, who will clean up the machine, replace several parts that will make the machine work better… etc… When was the last time you (or your reseller) did a maintenance routine to your machine?

Hope this helps…

Hello! I am from Argentina.
I read your post today. I have the same problem that you had.
It’s very frustrating.
Thanks for your time.

The main reason of this problem is a bad head alignment.
You have to clean the light sensor window.
The alignment is visible on the print.
There are 5 rings witch shows the before and after state of the alignment.