I would love to review/ test one of your models, the models look real good did you do any sanding before painting or is that strait out of the printer? I have a Da Vinci jr. PLA printer. Its a cheap printer so it would be cool to see how the models turn out on a cheaper printer. Is there current rules for a game to play with the models? would you like me to make a youtube video, or write a review for you? I am very interested in this project.

I was originally planning to make a full game, but I decided to scale down the operation, so it’s only models for now.

This is the website btw:

And yes, I think Da Vinci jr. should print well. I make my design as much printer proof as I can.

As for youtube vid and review, that would be great. Just send me a message on Facebook: it would be easier to communicate. :slight_smile: