I am an intern/co-op at an injections company and during my time here I developed, modeled and printed a useful tool for cleaning off print plates, specifically for our 3D systems Projet 6000. It is basically a curved surface with pegs that rolls along the plate and pushes out support structure. I’m attaching a picture of the tool and the result of its use.

A lead engineer here thinks this is pretty useful and the 3D model could be sold for a cheap price. Anyone with a 3D systems printer-- is this something that would interest you? I would like to hear any support or criticisms, as well as the means to bring this tool to other users of Projet or any printers that use similar plates.

Good idea. I’m just getting started with the 3DS Projet 6000 after running a Stratasys Objet500 for a year. It does seem unnecessarily long to clean the plate. The guy training me uses an exacto knife into each hole. Gotta be a faster way.