Hello, I have had unsatisfying results from having objects 3D scanned. My goal is to have a few 12" action figures (1:6 scale) scanned and turned into 3D solid models so that I can custom-design armor, weapons and other accessories directly from the figures’ actual topography.

Sounds simple; except it’s yet to happen. I keep getting results that will not produce an actual solid model within Solidworks.

I am looking for anyone who can provide the results that I am looking for, or at least suggestions on what is the best type of scanner to use and what are the best formats to save as.

I greatly appreciate any information that will lead to better results.

Sincerely, Duane

Hi Duane, Small figurines like these require a high camera resolution or an industrial type scanner to accomplish good resolution so a 3D model can be created from that scan data. We’ve been very successful with the ones we’ve done for clients. Once thd model is complete, we also offer 3D printing setvices. Check out our recent case study on our website. The case study link is here. http://3dscanningservices.net/project/3d-modeling-printing-game-characters-superhero-2044/ I’d be happy to talk with you. My cell is (407) 432-8453. Mandy Howard NeoMetrix Technologies, Inc. www.3dscanningservices.net

Hello Duane, You have two challenges here that i roo have enjoyed. 3d scanning is not straightforward asnia 3s printing. Simply: 1 You need a good scanner - which means a structured light scanner not a laser scanner. I have an Einacan SP. This will get you good results you can later touch up in meshlabs and meshmixer. 2. In Solidworks, you need ro set up the add-in or plug-in “Scan to 3D” whatever they call it. Next you MUST open your mesh file as of type “scan to 3D mesh” (obj, ply, stl, etc.) in the file type options botton when opening, AND must select open as solid or mesh (your choice) or Solidworks will crash. Ive been through this. If you want live help. Text me after 9pm EST (USA, New York) 585-259-3103 and ill walk you through it and/or point you inthe right direction. I feel your pain -Rich