Brussels, 12/10/2015

Hi there.

I’m about to open a physical store in Brussels entirely dedicated to 3D printing.

Therefore I’m hiring a 3D printing passionate full time.

What we do:

1- we sell desktop 3D printers (also online)

2- we sell 3D scanners

3- we offer an on demand 3D printing service

4- we provide training courses

5- we organise frequently conferences and events around 3D printing

The candidate must be:


A real maker

Good with multitasking


Good seller

At ease in front of an audience

Trilingual EN, NL, FR

He knows:

3D modelling software

How to 3D print (with 2 extruders too )

How to 3D scan

Microsoft office

How to change/fix nozzles, hot ends, extruders, and belts on a 3D printer.

He will be in charge of:

Welcoming the customers

Sell, give advices and demonstrate

Give quotes

Animate the point of sale

Manage the stock and the orders

Send the packages to the customer everyday

Take care of the technical support (he could be sent abroad for training)

Answer the phone

Plan the training sessions

Give some of the training sessions

Call prospects, plan meetings and fill the database

Plan and organise the conferences

… all of this together with the general manager.

His role is very important in the success of the company and he will quickly grow and get promoted as manager if he fulfills the requirements and does a great job. He must be a person of trust. Because it is a new company, working late and also on Saturdays is expected but not every week, it depends on the period of the year.

A former experience in the management or how to manage a store is an asset.

Due to the growing demand of 3D printing services, we expect to grow very rapidly and expand to other cities. You will then become someone of importance in the structure of the company with a bright career ahead.


Send your CV to nicolas(at)unic-3d(dot)com with a motivational letter + photo.

Opening of the store in Brussels expected for November 2015.

Looking forward to reading you.