Hi everyone,

Is anyone on here using 3D printing for industrial purposes?. I am a production engineer for a fire alarm manufacturer and use my Ultimaker 2 to produce all kinds of tools and jigs, over 300 parts are now in use on a production line. I see a lot of toys and props being printed but i don’t see much in the way of real functional parts.

Share your functional parts…

Hi mate, im currently prototyping a watch design and have successfully be made a function part.

Those are very nice prints. At my previous company they had a lulz and a reprap and they printed some stuff, but i dont think it was functional. I guess it depends on the industry.

Hello Scott, yes we do this with an SLS machine. Functional end-use parts as well as jigs. That’s majority of what we build, with toys being a really small part of this.

Scott, yes we do a lot of prints, ranging from props, to unique prototypes, to students projects and even industrial aircraft parts and systems. As an example of industrial printing we have printed multiple fixed wing unmanned aerial systems that are currently happily flying. We printed fully integrated optical payload systems, and search and rescue payloads for UAS’s. We do this with a multitude of printers and technologies. On this site we only have a handful of printers registered for testing purposes. Our large and expensive machines we didn’t list, as printed parts on these machines run quite expensive, and there are not a lot of potential customers on this site. Take a peek at our page and our website (link is on our page) for more info.

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