Hi! I would like to 3D print a functional pinion-rack assembly using the SLS process and the standard TPU material.
I have printed before a pinion-pinion assembly but using the FDM process and with PLA. The main problem it presented was that the system did not work really fine because the FDM method normally prints objects a little bigger than they are, so I had to reduce a little bit the perimeter of both pinions in the CAD file (like 0.1 mm) in order to compensate it.
I would like to know if this issue appears also in a SLS process, or I do not have to make the CAD file smaller.
By the way, the pinion-rack system has a module of 0.8 mm and 25 teeths.

pinion_0.stl (2.33 MB)
rack_0.stl (1.25 MB)