Hello all,

I am a biology graduate student looking to make prints for physiological experiments under a microscope. I design most of the parts myself and have a helpful engineering department on this end. . I often times find myself needing high resolution water tight parts (as detailed as a 500 micron diameter tunnel for solution intake). I also am looking to print in optically clear materials (or as close as possible needing minimal post-processing).

My question is which 3D printer would be the best for my needs and budget ($5,000 max) So far I have looked into both SLA/DLP and FDM.

Some SLA/DLP printers I have looked into are the Formlabs Form2, Moonray, and FlashForge Hunter. I really like versatility of materials so printers that limit me to using only certain resins turns me away.

For FDM printers I am interested in the Ultimaker. I am wondering would this printer have the kind of resolution that would keep a chamber watertight.

Any insight would be beneficial because I have hit a standstill in my research, and as far as I can tell not many people have guides to using printers for this purpose