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Currently I am looking to buy a 3D printer with a main focus on printing flexible models with materials such as TPU. I do not require the lowest shore hardnesses but I do want a reliable machine with good performance. Therefore I am looking at printers with direct drive lay-outs. Budget of maximum €1500,-.

At the moment I am considering both the Originals Prusa i3 and the Craftbot 2. The Prusa seems to offer a lot of options and the Craftbot 2 presents itself as a robust machine that is well suited for flexible materials.

Happy to hear what your opinion on this is!

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TPU prints at 240C and becomes gooey if you don’t cool it fast enough, I would say get a open case printer, with heated bed and print on glass with hair spray, TPU hates painters tape and bonds to it. Prusa i3 gives you more room to add mods and cooling wouldn’t be a problem.

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