I would like to print parts for drones essentially : wings, and propellers.

I would print polysmooth and try to get somewhat of a surface state with polysher.

Prusa i3 MK2 is quite my only option, although considering others like Wanhao i3 and other clones…

Is the E3Dv6 extruder of the Prusa i3 MK2 that great, compared to for example to the MK10 of the Wanhao Duplicator? How is such price difference for the both printers justified to you?

Any other contenders?

Considerations about flex and carbon too? At this price point, what can one expect compared to Markforged’s continuous carbon fiber filament?

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Price difference is because the cheap ones are just parasitoids.

They dont pay anything like research and innovation. They rip off the first one without any moral considerations

It’s morally inconsiderate when all the technology is open source?

I have the MK2. Don’t go for a clone even though there are some good ones if you can spring for the real thing.

The E3Dv6 is great, it is the full v6 so all metal so you can print high temp (recommended max of 290). Now on abrasive filaments you will want to change things due to the wear the filament can cause but that is with any extruder.

If you are up to the task get the kit and build it yourself and save some bucks.

I have four other printers that I like and use but I will say I have not been disappointed by the MK2 at all.

Hi I have a MK2 for 2 month and this is a really good product, reliable, easy to build with the kit. I use it everyday and for flex or composite filament it does the job as expected. It is not for professional use but to be used for any reason ! Just enjoy this great concept which make me an happy maker ?