Dear Everybody,

I want to know what is the better 3D printer than I can buy to do some small car prototype and functionnal parts similar to the parts in attached?

My budget is enter 1000 to 3000€ (or little more if needed) and I material than I want to use are: ABS, PLA, Nylon, Polycarbonate, PETG and perhaps flexible.

I have godd skills in 3D Design (Catia, Solidworks etc.), good skills in manufacturing process and enginering (everyday job).

My projet is to buy a good printer, for the moment I do some parts with sculpteo or similar service but I want to do them in house when I bought a printer.I’m open to all the technology, and all advices to improve my skillls.


I love my CR-10 and would totally recommend it. I made a lot of videos on my youtube channel about it here: The CR-10 has been one of the best selling 3d printers for a while now for plenty of reasons; Low price, huge heated bed, many materials, fast printing, great build quality, easy to use, etc. It can print many of the materials you are looking for.

I have a coupon to get the CR-10 on Gearbest for $339.99, which is by far the lowest price I can find.…

The coupon code is: 11CR10US

With the extra money, you can save it or buy a lot of exotic filament!

Let me know if you have any questions!!

Hello Perrier,

There is a 3d printer video for your reference.

It depends on what you want to use with a 3D printer!
The 3D printer that comes with portability is a great option, and it’s also very reasonable in terms of price. But home-built 3D printers that can have different costs are also more cost-effective options. In Iran, according to the Customs, we pay a different fee for a 3D printer, for example, you can see some of these costs in the XPrinter3D Uses.