My name is Michael Repajic and am in the process of starting a non-profit organization dedicated to developing 3D printed prosthetic hands for the homeless in Los Angeles as well as for children in the US and developing countries.

The prosthetic hands/arms are printed out of ABS plastic and I am searching for 3D printing companies/labs that are interested in joining this humanitarian effort.

Some different types of prosthetic devices that will be used can be found here: http://enablingthefuture.org/upper-limb-prosthetics/.

More information and instructions regarding the necessary STL files and infill instructions can be found here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:261462, for one type of prosthetic.

I am already in contact with a gentleman that lives at the Midnight Mission, a homeless shelter in Los Angeles, and he is the first candidate for the prosthetic. I’m in need of assistance in order to get his hand printed as I’ll need access to 3D printers/materials.

Once the first two or three hands are printed, my colleagues and I are going to make a kickstarter video in order to promote our cause and gain support from more companies with the potential of fundraising. I was part of a project at the end of last year where we printed hands for children in Haiti and it was truly a rewarding experience to see the kids receive their prosthetics. I have attached pictures of some different types of prosthetics.



If anyone is interested or knows of a printing lab who is willing to join the cause, please contact me. I appreciate your time and look forward to collaborating. Thank you.


Michael Repajic

email: michaelrepajic@gmail.com


Hi Michael,

We would be willing to help out here. We have a gigabot for perhaps the forearm or larger pieces. We are not that close to you, so you might want to work with someone closer for the smaller pieces.



Lyle Thompson

Lyle Labs, Inc.

(805)409-9007 x700

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I am in Redondo Beach so let me know if I can be of any assistance. Regards Evan

Hey Michael,

Have you been in touch with e-nable? They’ve helped hundreds of amputees ( both adult and children ) to get 3D printed prosthetic hands in the past year or so.

Also, had you considered getting backing, or sponsorship from a filament manufacturer? After all, material is the major cost of 3D printing, after the cost of the machine itself.




Hey @lylelabs and @EvanNguyen, that’s great news - thanks!

Hi Lyle,

That sounds great, I really appreciate your willingness to collaborate. I will be measuring our first candidate

next week and once all the measurements are completed, I will keep in contact with your lab to get the printing

started. Thank you for your help.



Hi Evan,

Your help is really going to assist in getting this project started. I will have measurements for our first

candidate next week and will keep in contact with you in order to get some of the necessary parts printed.

Thank you for your reply.



Hi Andy,

I have been in touch with e-nable and am working with their products in order to extend their mission. I am working on

getting the first few prosthetics printed and fitted for our first candidates and then will set up a kickstarter video in order

to gain support/awareness on a larger scale. Do you have any suggestions about who I may contact to get sponsorship

for filament? I appreciate your cooperation.

Thank you,


Hi Michael!

Most printer manufacturers sell filament. Flashforge distributor is in City of Industry(Local).

Colorfabb (Major filament manufacturer) is a 3D Hubs sponsor. Perhaps they will want to collaborate.

Count with us as well,


Original Notions

Van Nuys,CA

Hi Pablo,

Thank you so much for offering your support and services. I appreciate the further list of companies and I will be

contacting them very soon to establish a collaboration. I will keep in contact with you as I get this project rolling.

Best regards,


Hey Michael,

I suppose that the needs of homeless people as regards prosthetic design may be somewhat different from those of somebody who lives in a home, and living in Southern Calif may also factor in. Perhaps Gyrobot’s Flexyhand, made from Recreus Filaflex would be worthy of consideration. It’s flexible and available in flesh tones as well as other colours. Recreus and Gyrobot might be persuaded to help you out. Only one problem is that not everybody can print with Filaflex. It can be a bit fiddly to start with.




Oops! I meant Flexy Hand 2…

Just found Gyrobot here on 3DHubs. He’s probably been reading this already but anyway…

Wow, thanks for all the information. I actually wasn’t familiar with the Flexy-Hand but that definitely looks

like a possible product to use for the services we are trying to provide. Do you know how common it is for

3D labs to have filaflex printing capability?

Hello Michael, I write a monthly column on 3D Printing with 3D World magazine/CreativeBloq.com, I’d like to learn more about what you’re doing. Can’t help in the printer or material department, but maybe I can get you some press to assist your endeavor. I’ll email you shortly if you’re interested?


I am definitely interested in all types of collaboration, as this project will only thrive through teamwork and multifaceted approaches. Please e-mail me at michaelrepajic@gmail.com at your earliest convenience. Thank you.



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AA - I’m working on a similar project for Ghana. Would love to connect to get some press for it. Hit me up at k.oseikusi@gmail.com


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Hmmm. Interesting question, and perhaps my answer will be somewhat contentious.

Let’s say that it’s been available long enough that most experienced hubs should have experimented with it and figured out good settings by now. Most printers are capable of printing with NinjaFlex. Some need a new nozzle, which is available from Recreus. It’s not rocket science. :slight_smile:




Hi @kobster want to share your project on talk as well? We can help promote it on our social channels and hopefully get more media attention for you.

Great. Let’s connect over email - k.oseikusi@gmail. Thanks.