Can anyone recommend someone who can print something that looks metallic or is mostly metal?
I’m looking for someone who can print simulated antique gold coins (I would provide the 3ds Max file of course).


Hi Oscar !

I could do the job fairly cheap with Colorfabb Filaments. Their filaments are blended with up to 80% of metal dust.

Meaning, that 80% of the coin is actual metal.

The varieties are:




Due to the high amount of metal those prints also have up to four times the density of normal plastics (3,9g/cm³).

The brass composite is the closest that you can get to gold at the moment. The price is fairly high, but reasonable when you concider that the filament is priced by weight and three times the density means three times the price per volume compared to normal filament. I would make a special deal for you depending on your order size (much material => much discount).

Contact me via my hub to order some test parts or answer to this comment / request a quote on the hub for more information.


If you order the parts normally they will come in a sand-like optic and they will look like plastic. For a little bit of additional cost I can smooth and polish the prints (depending on the model’s complexity the price varies, that’s why I do not offer a concrete pricing).

Take a look at the following pictures for the metal optics (the Copper filament got postworked with black paint for additional shadows, normaly it is very much shinier).

Due to low requests on those filaments I do not have brassfill in stock, but I can get it very quick.

Hope to hear from you,


Bronze.jpg Copper.jpg

Thanks for the reply Marius.

Let me explain a little more about the project:

1- I’m finding out about 3d prints for a customer. He’s interested in the aforementioned antique gold coin imitations.
Such coins would be similar to the attached images.
2- At the moment I have no 3d file, since we wanted to know how expensive this would be. We don’t know how many we would print. It can be anywhere from 10 to 50 coins. It all depends on pricing.
3- The coins could be of a size and thickness 1.5 times a silver dollar.

For now that is all I can actually give you, since I won’t have a 3d file ready, until my customer decides if he wants the coins made by 3d print, which I think is the best option, since die cast would probably be too complicated to achieve weathered and uneven coins like the ones in the images.

Regarding the file I would send you.
I have no previous experience with 3d printing, in fact, this is my opportunity to finally dip my nose in something I’ve been curious about for YEARS!
I use 3ds max, so I guess I would need guidance from you as to how to best export the file.
My workflow will probably be a basic coin shape in 3ds max, and the coin with it’s designed faces and weathering and unevenness done in an app like zbrush.
Final export could be an OBJ.
Corbis-42-20392608.jpg google-chromescreensnapz001.jpg jamesII_gold_june2010.jpg

for some reason, the pricing keeps displaying in Euros.

Could you please let me know what coins for the approximate size of the attached file would cost?

coin-dummy.STL (195 KB)

Hi Oscar !

I’m living in europe, that’s why the price is displayed in euros.

I wouldn’t like to discuss concrete pricing in public comments, please contact me via email for more information:


Alternatively you could “request a quote” from my Hub, this would take you to a private talk section with me.


Hi Oscar, your coins look quite high detail.

Just wondering why you want them 3D printed.

If you have the original coins, why not make a casting out of them and cast it in real bronze ?

If you don’t have the original, maybe you can buy some replica ones and cast those ?

The cost of the casting would be quit cheap, and the quality would be amazing-as you will end up with real metal coins.

Cheers, Kevin.

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Hi Oscar, I’m not living in America so I don’t know the size of a silver dollar, please tell me the thickness and diameter in mm. Those details are printable depending on the size of the coi, as long as the coins are not smaller then roughly 3-4cm / 1-1,5 inch. I’d print the coins vertically so that there can be details on both sides, I could print with a layerthickness of up to 0,02mm so that fine details are printable, I’d recommend a layerthickness of 0,05mm the difference in detail level is minimal and 0,05mm high layers are easier to print. If you want more information about the possibilities with 3d printing feel free to contact me via email: marius.breuer@cad-breuer.de I prefer that over the comment section for guidance. I am having my exams in the next two weeks so I won’t be able to print in the next 10-15 day, but after that period of time I would be glad to accept your order. I can give you advises and tips about 3d printing at any time, even during my exam weeks. -Marius

Hola Oscar, do you live in Costa Rica?