Richard Horne “3-D Printing for Dummies” fame did a review on 3D EeZ… and now 3D EeZ just partnered with in London to Produce 3D EeZ for the European Market… 3D EeZ is moving fast into the 3D Market

Good one :wink:

3D EeZ just partnered with Cinter Design in London to produce in London 3D EeZ for our European Clients… Richard Horne in the UK has commented that he likes 3D EeZ a lot and now will be acquiring his supply from Cinter in London… 3D EeZ helps with Lifting, curling and Sticking… Problems in 3-D Printing… How many of us has had a long Build of 15 to 20 hours long get ruined from one of these issues… it is nice to have a solution so that we can realize the fruits of our efforts in 3-D Printing

That’s great. We love Cinter - but what is the concept behind what you guys are doing?

I am an Engineer who now has MS… when i first acquired MS it was bad… as a result i could no longer be an Engineer. Aftere a few years a new treatment started helping a lot… I got a 3-D Printer thinking that is was the End-All-Be-All.for and engineer to have… and for about a day it was… but it turned into a new source of Frustration for me. Sticking Curling , Lifting… I went to the manufacturer and got little help. Blue tape. A dismal non happening… so I came up with 3D EeZ. for myself at first… it worked so well… I decided to provide it to others who also have Sticking, Curling and Lifting problems with their Printers.

After some time i sent a Liter to Richard Horne"#-D Printing for Dummies" Fame… he ran 144 diferant test… and then blogged his results. The rest is Hiostory except the huge cost of shipping to Europe… That is whewre and How Cinter came in… we are now just trying to help others with sticking, curling and lifting on their 3-D Printers as well. Thank you

This probably best explains why and how one will want and use 3D EeZ.

Follow that link… answers many m,any questions… we are also gaining traction on Google + and we are now Bundled with Makers Tool Works 3-D Printers… they are also now Distributing 3D EeZ… Why Because it works when so many have failed

we also now have another Distributor of 3D EeZ… Perhaps you already know of the site… Why Because it works and works well