I teach at an independent school in the Chicago suburbs. Our 5th graders have been working with a group of adults with physical disabilities. One focus of this project has been to have our students design a useful object for their disabled partners, using Tinkercad as the design tool. In so doing, the students produced designs that are indeed useful, but too large to print with most 3d printers. It looks like the best solution might be to redesign these objects into smaller parts that could be fitted/glued together, but I do not have the expertise in Tinkercad to accomplish that. Is there anyone out there who might volunteer to assist us in this worthy project by helping with the reengineering of these 3d designs?


Hey shawcago,

Id be interested in helping you, your class and the disabled with the work your doing. In order for me to help I’d need to know what the models are like with either pictures or uploaded files. This way I can tell you for sure if I can be of assistance.

Hope this helps


Can you share the designs? I’m just a hobbiest myself, but can always take a look.

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Could you please post your requirements here? I might have access to bigger printers. I’m in india but I would love to do whatever I can…

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You can actually use a program called Netfabb to cut the designs in smaller parts. It is very easy, just a slider across one of the axis and click cut. Thats it!

the program is freeware and can be found through google search. Good luck.


Would love to help. Post your Requirements here.


Hey @shawcago,

We’d love to help! Instead of re-engineering what the students design, I’d suggest partitioning the models and assembling them after printing.

Send us an inquiry on our Hub if you need assistance.

You can cut in layers and glue them later…

3D Builder from windows 10 has a tool that you can do it in a very easy way…

I hope i have helped u…


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Thanks for your interest in our project. I have six .stl files that are too big to print on a “regular” 3d printer. I’m attaching a couple of them for you to take a look at.
chris_card_holder.stl (38.2 KB)
exquisite_leelo-hillar.stl (325 KB)

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Thanks for the suggestion, Cornwallis. Unfortunately, we are an all-Mac school and it appears that Netfabb is only available for Windows. Do you know of a Mac alternative to Netfabb?

Thanks for your interest, Magesh. I don’t have the exact measurement details at my fingertips right now, but most of the objects have a maximum length of 250-300 mm. I’ve posted a couple of the designs above in this thread if you would like to take a look.

Thanks, Nizaril. I’ve posted a couple of the .stl files above in this thread. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Thanks, Sisper. We’re an all-Mac school, so a Windows app is not going to work for us. Do you know of a Mac alternative?

Thanks for your interest. See my responses above for more info and take a look at the .stl files I posted.

Netfabb is also available for mac. Look under en.freedownloadmanager.org/Mac-OS/netfabb-Basic-FREE.html

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Sorry about the super late reply. I didnt get alerts for your replies. I hope you managed to do something about it… if not please try microsoft’s 3D builder… Unfortunately I dont have a suggestion for mac.