Hello everyone! I was just wondering, how does the 25% student discount work?
It’s logical that the customer gets 25% discount, but does the HUB only get 75%-12.5% (service fee) of the original order price? Or does 3DHubs take the 25% into account?


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Hey Rob,

Hope I can help you out with your question. The student program is aimed at getting more students involved with 3D printing by offering them a 25% discount on 3D Hubs orders.

How does it work?

We match the 25% discount on our fee - that goes in this way from 12.5% to 9.3% - and chip in an exclusive Student Badge for your Hub Profile + an extensive Student Marketing Campaign in order to increase awareness and drive students to participating Hubs.

If you want to join the program please let me know at simona[at]3dhubs.com




So let me get this straight

​Not in the student program:
-Customer places order for 100 euro’s
-3Dhubs takes 12.5% service fee

-the Hub receives 87.50 euro.

In the student program:
-Customer (student) places order for 100 euro’s
-student gets 25% discount
-3Dhubs takes 9.3% service fee
How much would the Hub receive? 100-(25%+9.3%)=65.70 euro?

Can you confirm my calculations?

i would assume the 9.3% is taken after discount?

100 - 25

= 75 x 9.3%

= 69.75?

Let’s see:

Total Order Value:

100 - (25% [student discount] * 100) = 75

3D Hubs Fee:

12.5% [3D Hubs fee] * 75% [25% off the fee] = 9.375%

Hub Receives:

Total Order Value - 3D Hubs Fee =

75 - (9.375% * 75) = 67.97


So the only benefit of the student program for the hubs is:
-maybe a little bit more orders
-a badge on your hub page

Isn’t it wise to add some more benefits to these hubs? So for example the 12.5% fee is also reduced to 9.3% on other orders?
Because if i look at it now it’s not really beneficial to get into the student program as a Hub.
Unless the amount of orders received through the student program is much much much more (show me the numbers :slight_smile: )

Hi Rob,

From the launch of 2 weeks ago, we saw an increase of +50% of student orders for Hubs signing up in the program. We hope to do even better since:
- This is time for finals at school -> 3D printing is highly needed
- We’re rolling out marketing campaigns to increase awareness around our new student program

- You’ll also receive digital marketing material (pictures to use on Facebook and Twitter, poster graphic, flyers graphic) that you can share within your network

Also if you’d be unhappy with the program, you can leave it anytime you want.

@Filemon, I am happy with the discount arrangement but I have another concern…

If I promote the student discount through social media etc how to a give the customer a link that will go directly to my hub? Correct me if I am wrong but don’t customers have to go though the student page and hence the main order page where all the other hubs are listed? I then hope that they choose my hub even though I sent them there?

If I give the link… https://www.3dhubs.com/leicester/hubs/steelman/3dprint then they won’t be able to add a discount code?

I believe this is the same on all these types of promotion on 3D Hubs?

Jep, that’s the idea, to bring in a lot more orders

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This is correct and a limitation of our current system unfortunately.

However, a clear benefit of the program is that the amount of Hubs participating is limited. So, in your area, it’s save to assume you always rank on top, or at least in the top 3. A good percentage, I expect >70%, of students in your area landing in the checkout will end at your Hub

@Filemon I’d really love to give a referral to the student program that goes directly to my hub. Can we make this happen?


I have gotten a few student orders under the new program and am only netting 66.5% of the total order compared to the usual 85%. I am happy to give this program a shot but I’m not sure its quite worth it.

I am located in the middle between 3 different universities and the bulk of my orders has come from students already. So its hard to figure out whether the new orders are due to the new program. The difference however between the usual 85% to 66.5% is quite a large chunk especially when doing large 10 hours prints.

Its also hard to justify opting out of the new program as i would lose most of my customer base since the original “15% off student program” has been discontinued. So its now a choice between getting no student orders whatsoever or earning 66.5% of the revenue and get one or two thirds of the student orders in comparison to the old program where i still had 2/3 of the student orders but got to keep 85%.


I thought 3dhubs was taking the hit… wasn’t that originally how it was explained? earning barely more than half the order total is quite a hit… especially if your running barely above costs.

the old program with the 15% off 3dhubs took the hit. But the new opt in program, the hub takes the hit.

It was explained to me as 3D Hubs takes the hit but now I understand what is happening and I have just lost $40 on an order :frowning:

If I were I hub I would opt out I will most likely do this once I finish this order.

3D Hubs: It’s cool if you want to do this I even greatly appreciate it, but don’t make the Hubs take a big hit it makes it hard to be in the business.


$40!? What the heck? What was the order value??

It’s not just the hub that takes the hit 3D Hubs also looses some itself. It’s the price you for joining the student program which is optional

It is $120 after the $40 hit and 3D Hubs percentage which takes out another $18.

I know the feeling. I get mostly student orders where i am located and feel the burn. I ofcourse want to support the students but it comes to about 34% after 3d hubs takes their cut. I would be fine loosing 25% if it includes the 3d hubs fee because the hub hit is much larger than 3dhubs hit.