Hello guys

I have two model boats I’d like to print one at 1.05m in length and the other at 70cm. I’m completely new to 3d printing and would like some help to print this model in sections and join it all together.

I’m looking for a good quality method but at a resonable cost. I have no knowledge of 3d printing so any information and guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time guys


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Hey Martin,
This is Nahla from 3D Hubs here.Thank you for your e-mail and your interest in having your project printed through 3D Hubs. 3D Hubs itself is a network of 3D printing services (our Hubs). You can easily find a local 3D printing service through our 3D print page here: https://www.3dhubs.com/3dprint#?materialGroups=prototyping-plastics I’ve already configured the link to search for local Hubs closest to you. On the same page, you can upload your 3D design (in either .STL or .OBJ format) and we will automatically list the quotes for all Hubs based on the amount of material required to print your design and the prices that those Hubs have set. Do you already have the 3D files of the boats?
Once you’re ready to order, you can send in your order to the Hub and you will be able to talk directly to the person/company who will be printing your design. You will also be able to arrange a pick-up date or arrange for the part to be shipped to you.
Here are some useful links with more information regarding 3D printing:

Please let us know if we can be of any help.
Nahla - 3D Hubs

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Where are you located. That will help people know if you are in same country and possibly help. Are these your own design? its easier to section a model when the original design is available. Its still doable with the stl but a bit tricker sometimes if theres internal features.


Hello Keebie

thanks for the reply, yeah I’m the designer myself. I have one of the two designs finalised, just adding the finishing touches to the larger of the two models… I’m located in Spain, but distance is not an issue it’s more the right price. I’ve downloaded the 3d printing handbook to help me also!! Very interesting book!!!



I am printing just now a 1 meter model in multiple sections (actually, by “now” I mean a few days as it is a long process).

If you want, I can print those 2 models for you.

I inform you that I would like to do the sections myself from the full 3D model, because I have the some experience with this and also with my printer and it’s capabilities.

But we can further discuss your needs.

In order to have a good finished assembled part, I design special holes in the part, or one big hole that I will fill with some rigid rods (metal or plastic). This helps in 2 ways: it helps the assembly to be accurate (as little mismatch as possible between the sections) and also offers better rigidity for the assembled parts and ensure that the gluing will remain strong.

I also like to do the assembly myself and ship the full part. I have experience with technics that help mask the assembly line between the sections so that it will not be visible.

I am located in Romania and can ship to Spain with no issue, but I will add the transport cost to the total cost of the print (this is done automatically by 3D hubs by a default price, but the actual price can be higher or lower depending on the package and the shipment).

My hub:



Thank you for the message!! Great someone who know’s my subject!!! I’m completely new to 3d printing!!! I’ll be making a few adjustments to my designs over the coming week, I’m actually thinking about a Prusa 12" Mk3 printer for myself… what you think for printing ship models? would this be suitable? can you send me a few pictures of your printed model! I have never seen them being printed before!!

I look forward to hearing from you



I have never printed ship models, but I see no particular issue in doing this. For 3D printing, especially for FDM type, it is not important what model you are printing (a cube, a boat, a dragon, a dog, an automotive prototype functional part, etc), what is important is that the design of the part to be made in such a way that it would be printable on a 3D printer (my main concern would be thin walls).

As for buying your own 3D printer, I am encourageing everyone to do this. It is a fun hobby (sometimes annoying). The Prusa i3 Mk3 looks like one of the best FDM 3D printer on the market (except for the high end industrial and professional 3D printers that start at 25.000 euro and can go up to 200.000 euro). I actually intend to purchase one in the near future (the Prusa i3 Mk3, not the big expensive printers).

Please see the first picture of one of my finished products (450mm long, see the 300mm ruler in the picture for dimensional reference). The part on top is done from 2 components glued togher. The assembly line is hidden (I present it in the second picture) and the part is finished and painted.
As I said I am working now on a 1000mm model, it is actually the exact same model, scalled up. Please see the 3rd picture with some of the sections printed and in comparison to the original 450mm model. I should be able to have the final part (assembled, finished and painted) in this weekend and I will post another picture if you are interested.

If I can help you with anything else, please let me know.


Can you send me your email address, I’ve a few screen shots with dimensions of my model for you to have a look at for some advice on printing my model, my email is m5currie@hotmail.com

get in touch and we can start discussing some techniques for my design to be printed.

Thanks for your help, look forward to hearing from you


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