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Smart Water Begins at the Meter

With a no-moving-parts design, high-resolution, increased accuracy, and adaptability, ultrasonic water meters such as Neptune’s MACH 10 allow utilities such as the City of Benicia, California to precisely measure low flows more consistently. This is ideal for applications requiring a wider operating range, including combination potable and residential fire service or irrigation systems. It’s also well-suited to reclaimed water or sandy water conditions, while eliminating wear points – reducing material and labor costs, and ensuring greater sustained accuracy over the life of the meter, saving potentially millions (of gallons as well as dollars) in non-revenue water (NRW).Today’s ultrasonic water meter technology is providing water utilities more flexible, more efficient, and more affordable options to leverage automatic meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) data. For technology that works for you, learn more about ultrasonic metering at neptunetg.com.

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Improved business outcomes. Satisfied consumers. Sustainable solutions. They’re all connected – along with your water utility – through Neptune. Move boldly forward, confident in innovative, backward-compatible AMR-to-AMI technology. Streamline your work processes and speed up cash flow. Realize greater ROI from your field assets. Leverage the power of the Internet of Things to share crucial data across departments. Act on real-time data today to recapture Non-Revenue Water while predicting tomorrow’s outcomes. With actionable intelligence at your command, your utility can take control for greater operational and water efficiency, and customer service. It’s time to take action with Neptune.  For additional information, please visit the company website at www.neptunetg.com.

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