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As a platform that brings together engineers with a global network of manufacturing partners, Hubs is well positioned to share knowledge from across the industry. We've created a series of beginner guides and introductory articles to help engineering students learn about 3D printing, CNC machining, injection molding and sheet metal fabrication. Learn about how the technologies work and how to optimize your designs for each manufacturing process.

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What is FDM 3D printing?
Get to know the basics of Fused Deposition Modeling, also known as FDM 3D printing. Learn why this 3D printing technique is so affordable, and why it is an excellent choice for quick, low-cost prototyping. Delve into FDM materials and the advantages and disadvantages for designers and engineers alike. 
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Introduction to SLA 3D Printing
What is SLA 3D printing?
Get to know the basics of stereolithography, also known as SLA 3D printing. Find out why the original 3D printing technique is still so popular and cost-effective, learn about how SLA printing works and its parameters, and discover which materials and options will best suit your 3D-printed part or project.
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Introduction to SLS 3D Printing
What is SLS 3D printing?
Learn about the basic principles of selective laser sintering, also known as SLS 3D printing. Discover how SLS 3D printing works, the advantages of SLS techniques for rapid prototyping and low-production runs, and the various materials and options available that will suit your part or project.
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FDM Rapid Prototyping Service
What is rapid prototyping?
Rapid prototyping uses 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing processes to quickly develop 3D parts or assemblies for research and development and/or product testing. This is most commonly carried out through additive manufacturing. Rapid prototyping techniques allow a designer to develop multiple iterations of a prototype without the additional cost or time that comes with using traditional manufacturing and design techniques.
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