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Common Design Features

A set of articles offering guidelines for designing the most common 3D printed features

Enclosure design for 3D Printing: A step-by-step guide
Enclosure design for 3D printing: A step-by-step guide
Learn how to optimize the design of your enclosure for 3D printing, follow a step by step guide on the design process and review the most common enclosure materials.
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How to design Snap-fit Joints for 3D Printing
How to design snap-fit joints for 3D printing
This guide discusses the benefits of 3D printing snap-fits and gives design and material recommendations.
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How to assemble 3D Printed parts with Threaded Fasteners
How to assemble 3D printed parts with threaded fasteners
Compare different methods for creating threads in your parts and follow step-by-step instructions on how to install your fasteners.
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How to design Interlocking Joints for fastening 3D Printed parts
How to design interlocking joints for fastening 3D printed parts
Learn how to design and 3D print interlocking joints (e.g. finger-, dovetail- and puzzle joints) to assemble your 3D printed parts.
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