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CAD & file preparation

CAD (computer-aided design) allows engineers and designers to create 2D or 3D models of products before they are manufactured. CAD helps engineers visualize the part's construction and run simulations to test its parameters, such as strength or temperature resistance, before any physical models have been created. This results in a faster and cheaper workflow. These articles will help you understand how to use CAD modeling for your designs and how to correctly export your models for 3D printing.

3D Printing STL files: A step-by-step guide
3D printing STL files: A step-by-step guide
Learn how to avoid low quality prints or unnecessarily large 3D files by exporting your STL file in the correct resolution.
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3D Modeling CAD Software
What is CAD modeling? Comparing design software for 3D printing
What is CAD modeling and why is it an essential tool for digital manufacturing? Explore the types of CAD software available for bringing ideas into the physical world via digital 3D modeling. Find the right software tools for your application.
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Simulations in 3D Printing
Simulations in 3D printing
Learn about the benefits and current state-of-the-art of 3D printing simulations. This article describes why, what and how to use simulations in 3D printing and gives tips to help you get started.
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Understand and fix common STL file errors
Understand and fix common STL file errors
Learn what are the most common errors you may encounter while exporting a model for 3D printing and how to fix them.
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