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Hubs hacks: 11 tips and tricks for using Hubs

Written by Merritt Gurley



Illustration of the Hubs platform capabilities

Hubs may be best known for its instant quoting, but there’s a lot more that our on-demand manufacturing platform can do. Our team is constantly working on expanding our products and services and to keep you in the loop on some of our recent developments and lesser-known tools, we’ve rounded up our favorite features that will help you get the most out of Hubs.

1. Optimize your designs for manufacturability.

Once you’ve uploaded your files for an instant quote, you’ll see the prompt to “review manufacturability feedback”.

Click on the orange button to go to our DFM tool, which will allow you to use our digital rulers and views (solid, wireframe, x-ray) to make sure your sizing and dimensions are correct. You can even drop in a banana for scale.

You can also check if your designs include elements that cannot be manufactured and adjust issues that could increase the time or cost associated with your order, including:

  • Hard to remove volume
  • Hole depth
  • Internal corners
  • Thin walls
A gif showing how to use the Hubs DFM tool to optimize part design

2. Get discounts on larger quantities

You can easily compare different prices for different quantities by clicking on “change part specifications”, which will open up the details.

Click on “see all pricing”, which will take you to a table that shows the various pricing for different quantities.

Gif showing how to compare bulk pricing on the Hubs manufacturing platform

3. Compare manufacturing lead times.

Select “lead time” on the top left-hand corner of the Quote Builder to see the different lead time costs and options.

On occasion, certain lead times may not be available due to high quantity or a high number of line items in an order. You can contact for more options.

How to compare different lead times on the Hubs manufacturing platform

4. Switch the language on our manufacturing platform.

To better serve our customers throughout Europe, the Hubs platform is also available in German, French and Dutch. Just click on the flag icon on the top right-hand corner of the website and toggle to the language of your choice.

GIF displaying switch to French language

5. Easily share a manufacturing quote.

Once you have saved a quote, you can email it to your colleagues to keep them in the loop or get their feedback. Click on the "email quote" button directly above your production requirements to share the project with your team.

Gif showing how to share a quote on the Hubs manufacturing platform

6. Take advantage of the different payment options.

Pay now or pay later — either way is fine by us! You can pay instantly to start production right away, or fill out a short (two-minute) form to apply to pay later with Net 30, which usually takes one business day.

7. Compare quotes.

Want to see how changing your manufacturing specifications will impact your order? Create multiple versions of your quote with different lead times, surface finishes, quantities, materials, and/or part files, so you can quickly compare which order best meets your needs.

Gif showing how to compare quotes on the Hubs manufacturing platform

8. Speed up your manufacturing process

Our platform dynamically adapts lead times based on order size and complexity, so higher quantity orders will be assigned longer lead times. To get a bigger order faster, try splitting up the order into multiple smaller orders.

9. Find the right surface finish

Check surface finish standards and photos so you know what to expect from your order. Click on your order in the Quote Builder to see the details. Then click on the dropdown under “select surface finishes” to see various options.

Keep in mind that for CNC machining, we offer both cosmetic and non-cosmetic options. Select “see full specifications” to find out the standards for each finish.

A visual overview of the different surface finish options available on the Hubs manufacturing platform

10. Reorder your parts from the same manufacturer.

If you’d like to reorder the same parts again, you have two options: you can either reorder in the marketplace or you can reorder your parts from the same supplier you used for your previous order, to ensure consistency. Just select "Reorder parts with the same manufacturing partner" in the My Orders dashboard or on any order page.

Gift showing how to reorder from the same manufacturer on the Hubs manufacturing platform

11. Special requirement not listed? Not a problem.

If you need to manufacture a part with special requirements that aren’t yet available in our platform, our mechanical engineers will help you. Just upload your part and then click on the description to go to the Specification Editor.

Once you are in the Specification Editor, go to the dropdown menu for “Materials”, select “custom material” and we can RFQ for any industry standard material.

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