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Source custom consumer electronics parts

  • From prototyping to production

  • Huge selection of high-quality materials & finishes 

  • Get full IP protection and quality documentation

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Electronics manufacturing for faster innovation

Hitting innovation deadlines and making it to market are crucial in the consumer electronics market. Hubs speeds up the prototyping process and gets you to the production scale faster. We provide expert design support and can make exceptional parts with incredible cosmetic quality. With our instant quoting system and supplier network, you can bolster your supply chains and get custom parts for every prototyping, production and assembly need.

Illustration of ISO 9001 certified manufacturing partner
Certified for every application

Hubs is ISO 9001 certified and our suppliers have industrial certifications.

• ISO 9001
• ISO 14001
• ISO 13458
• ISO TS16949
• AS 9100

Illustration of quality documentation
Comprehensive quality documentation

Get validation reports to ensure the highest quality and compliance.

• CMM Inspection Report
• Full Dimensional Inspections
• Material Test Reports
• Material Certificates
• Certificates of Conformance
• First Article Inspections

Illustration du contrôle de la qualité
Highest quality standards

We use a rigorous set of protocols and procedures to maintain quality.

• Special tooling
• Sample size inspection
• Dimensional checks with calibrated equipment
• Review of all quality documentation and industry certifications
• Full IP protections on the platform and within the network

Manufactured closer to you

We now offer local sourcing for CNC machining in the EU and US. We’ve expanded our local networks to provide custom parts faster within your custom-clearance zones. With Hubs Local, our manufacturing partners send parts directly to you, which means fewer logistical hurdles and faster delivery times.

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Manufacture appliance parts, electronics, consumer products & more with Hubs

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Personal electronic devices
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Kitchen appliances
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Gaming peripherals 
& VR headsets
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Headphones & other audio devices
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Smart home & IoT products
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Lighting fixtures & systems
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Durable casings & housings
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Consumer video equipment
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Tools & outdoor appliances
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Home EV charging stations

Manufacturing capabilities for consumer electronics makers

Usinage CNC
Usinage CNC

Fraisage, tournage et traitement de surface

  • Tolérances jusqu’à ± 0,020 mm

  • Délais de livraison à partir de 5 jours ouvrables

Découvrez nos services d’usinage CNC
Impression 3D
Impression 3D


  • Précision dimensionnelle de ±0,5% avec une limite inférieure de ±0,0059 in

  • Délais de livraison à partir de 1 jour ouvrable

Découvrez notre service d’impression 3D

Découpe laser, pliage, post-traitement

  • Tolérances jusqu’à ± 0,010 mm

  • Délais de livraison à partir de 5 jours ouvrables

Découvrez nos services de production de pièces de tôlerie
Moulage par injection Injection molded part
Moulage par injection

Prototypes et outillage de production

  • Large éventail de complexités et de tailles de pièces

  • De 1 à 1 million de pièces

Découvrez notre service de moulage par injection

Why major consumer electronics brands use Hubs

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Contrôle qualité

Recevez une documentation complète avec chaque commande

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Prix instantanés

Obtenez des devis instantanés avec toutes les informations tarifaires à l’avance

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Tirer le meilleur parti de la fabrication numérique

Protolabs a acquis Hubs en 2021 pour vous proposer la solution de fabrication la plus complète au monde. Combinez notre réseau mondial de capacités avancées avec la rapidité de Protolabs pour tirer le meilleur parti de la fabrication numérique. Protolabs garantit les délais de livraison les plus rapides du secteur avec des pièces à partir d’un jour seulement et selon les normes ITAR.

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“As well as reducing my prototyping costs, Hubs also serves as the team of developers and mechanical engineers you need to bring a product to market.”

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Materials & surface finishes for consumer electronics parts

Our vetted network of specialized manufacturing partners gives us access to a broad range of materials and surface finishing options for prototyping through to full-scale production.

Examples of materials for aerospace
Consumer electronics materials

Select from a broad range of durable & pristine materials

Aluminum: 5052, 6061-T6, 7075-T6, 2024-T351
Copper: Copper C110, Copper C101
Thermoplastics: Polycarbonate (PC), Polyoxymethylene (POM), PEEK, ABS
Commodity polymers: Polypropylene(PP), PVC, Polyethylene (PE)
Composites: Garolite G-10, FR4

Example of surface finishes for aerospace
Consumer electronics surface finishes

Select from these finishes to protect your parts

Powder coating
Electroless nickel plating
Insert installation
Heat treatment

3D printing game-changing, customized mice and other devices

Formify is a startup with a mission to make it easier to access completely customized computer devices.

Read the case study

How Hubs helps consumer electronics companies innovate

Competitive pricing, IP protection 
and DFM guidance

The Hubs platform is the easiest way to get competitive pricing for comparing order volumes, lead times, materials, tolerances, secondary processes, and more for your projects. Get all final pricing information upfront, including shipping, quality control and customs clearance (when ordering from the US and EU). We prioritize IP protection on the platform and throughout the process to ensure that your designs and models are completely secure. Our platform is equipped with design for manufacturability (DFM) analysis and our mechanical engineers are always on hand to offer guidance to get the most out of Hubs.

To spec and on time, 
every time

To keep your supply chain consistent and sturdy, we adhere to thorough quality control processes and protocols. Our manufacturing partners go through a complete vetting process before joining the network and on-site quality engineers perform frequent audits to ensure they meet the Hubs Standard. Internal teams in Amsterdam and Chicago inspect parts for functionality and cosmetic specifications, and we handle all custom clearance requirements and ensure on-time delivery.

Customization at any scale

Thanks to our specialized network of cutting-edge manufacturers, we can offer customization options from single functional prototypes to higher volumes of parts that reach final customers. We have talented engineers in-house that can accelerate your innovation process and tweak designs to come off printers and machines looking and functioning better, even if every component is completely unique.


How do we ensure our manufacturing partners are ISO certified?

We do thorough checks of every manufacturing partner (MP) during the initial onboarding process and perform audits on processes and certifications every two years. To source parts from certified MPs, you can indicate these requirements on the platform or contact sales@hubs.com. We’ll match your designs with the right supplier.

How does Hubs protect data and intellectual property?

Our platform is secure and encrypted to ensure that customer data and interactions with suppliers are all protected. All digital models and drawings are safely stored on AWS servers, located in Europe. MPs must sign our Manufacturing Partner Agreement as part of their onboarding, which contractually obligates them to keep customer data confidential. Our General Terms of Sale prohibit orders that misappropriate or infringe on copyrights, patents, design rights, trademarks, trade secrets and other IP rights.

What happens if a part doesn’t meet your specifications?

One of the reasons engineers use Hubs is that we take on all the risks for you. If your parts aren’t up to spec, you can file a dispute claim and we’ll remake your components or refund your order. For more detail on how we handle disputes, you can contact our Customer Success Team. At the same time, we complete non-conformity reports for parts that don’t meet all requirements, with follow-up with manufacturers including root cause analysis and rapid corrective actions.

How do I request materials not listed on the site or platform?

If you want to get parts in specialized materials that aren’t listed on our site or platform, you can send a request to your account manager or contact sales@hubs.com. Our supplier network has access to a huge range of materials, so most of the time we are able to find a manufacturing partner to fulfill your request.

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