Taking Asset Health Indexing to the Street

Asset Health Indexing (AHI) is a powerful tool for identifying assets at risk and in turn can save utilities money, allow for forecasting of future asset replacement and improve system reliability.  Many utilities have used this approach in their generating stations and substations but few utilities have taken it to the distribution system.  EPCOR Utilities’ urban based electric distribution business has taken AHI “to the street” by integrating mobile computing, GIS and APM (asset performance management) systems to enable a near real time assessment of distribution assets.  After completing an extensive engineering study EPCOR implemented AHI for six of its major distribution asset groups including: Poles, UG & Arial Transformers, SW cubicles, Underground Cable and Network Transformers.  

This presentation, sponsored by Bentley Systems, highlights the innovative efforts to integrate EPCOR’s asset management systems, will provide a look at the actual AHI implementation and a peak at the resulting benefits.

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