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Organics monitoring for process optimization and regulatory compliance

Organics monitoring using Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysis is a valuable tool for treatment optimization, quality control, and regulatory compliance for both drinking water and wastewater treatment processes. Monitoring treatment allows for data-driven decisions that enable increased savings and ensures quality effluent. 

Organic compounds comprise a large portion of source contaminants feeding a drinking water or wastewater facility. In this webinar, you will learn how a simple and quick tool like TOC analysis allows for better understanding and optimization of separation processes. Some of these applications include membranes, coagulation and clarification, DAF, GAC, and biological treatment. 

Learn how monitoring TOC can aid in the protection of equipment assets and reduction in operating costs. Additionally, tracking the removal of organics helps to minimize the formation of disinfection byproducts to protect human health and comply with regulations. Whether drinking water, wastewater, or reuse water treatment, monitoring organics can ensure effluent is fit for use or reuse.

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